wierd stuff on cp

wierd stuff in cp

here are some weird stuff in club penguin that you might not of known

there is a bulldozer in a bottle


the fish on the wall of the light house is named fluffy


on the back of the thank you card there is a weird bar code bar-code.jpg

 when in club penguin help click on penguin coins and look at the pic of the clothing catalogue it says better igloos igloo-clothing.jpg 

it’s kind of hard to see look closely

when you whistle in cp you actually put the whistle in your mouth


you are all probably familiar with the mod rsnail there is a website called www.rocketsnail.com and on the top of the page there is a pic of a snail with a rocketrsnail1.jpg if you go to www.blog.clubpengiun.com if you look on top you will see a pic of that same snail with a rocket rsnail2.jpg  he is also in gary’s room in mission 4


you probally also know the mod screenhog well he is at the top of the www.blog.clubpenguin.com


 and in gary’s room in mission 4


also on www.blog.clubpenguin.com you see a penguin typing on a computer this is what it sayspenguin-cant-fly.jpg

and 6 green buoys with 1,3,5,6,7,8



 if anyone finds number 2 please comment below telling me were they are 

in the ski lodge when you move yout mouse over the candle it blows out



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