the lottery

Hey guys!

This is kind of like a lottery game!

All you have to do is comment below saying you wanna enter.

The lucky comment will win!

NOTE: No commenting twice saying you want to enter. Don’t try to chnge your name to fool me, I can see your email. Also, if you change that, I can see your IP address.

If anyone cheats, they will be banned from this contest and will have to wait till the next Lottery to enter again.

tell me a number through 1 and 100 and i will see if you win.  

the lucky prize winner will win 30000 coins so sign up today!


2 Responses to “the lottery”

  1. egbert1998 Says:

    user: egbert1998

  2. egbert1998 Says:

    user: fashionbug80

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