Item Deals

Item Deals!

Hey guys!

This is the special page!

Pack 1:

*Will get 4 furniture items under 4,000 coins

*Gets 1 puffle

*Gets Spy Phone

*Gets Tour Guide Hat

*Gets 8 Clothing Items.

Non Member Pack:

*Gets all of Pack 1 (except member stuff)

*Gets 20,000 coins.

Member Pack:

*Gets all of Non member pack

*Gets 10,000 coins.

*Gets 1 puffle

*Gets 2 furniture items under 3,000 coins.

*Gets a New Igloo Design

*Will try to Upgrade igloo.

SPECIAL PACK (Must be Member):

*Gets 2 puffles

*Gets 40,000 coins

*Gets a New Igloo Design

*I’ll try to make your igloo look good

*Gets 5 Furniture Items under 6,000 coins

*Will get Tour Guide Hat, and Spy Phone

Please don’t yell at me.

Post your Username and Password here, I will immediately read it and replace it before anyone can read it!


Order away!

Also, tell me if you wanna exclude anything from a Pack.

Go ahead!


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