-18 1i 18 1i,13 1h hd 1k,h7 1j qa 1l##T m8 -i,T m5 -d,T mh -c,T m8 -c,T lu -8,T lg 16,T lf 16,T n3 19,T mt 15,T mt v,T n4 11,T l9 10,T le 12,T nc 2,T nd 9,T nd 2,T l9 -2,T l6 2,T l7 -3,T m7 6,T md a,T n5 9,T mu e,T mq m,T mt 10,T mr 16,T mh s,T me n,T m9 s,T lt u,T li 10,T lk s,T lo n,T lv g,T m4 a,T lj 4,T lg 2,T lg -4,T lj -5,T lo -5,T nb 2,T n2 0,T mq -1,T mi -2,T ma -2,T mh 0,T mh -2,T m5 2,T ls 4,T lg 4,T na 5,T m4 u,T mh m,T ms f,T n7 8,T mp 7,T m7 7,T li 7,T mg p,T n0 11,T mt g,T mp 1,T m9 1,T m1 i,T lq 11,T 97 m,T 99 n,T 8t n,T ac 13,T 9v 10,T 7s 13,T ac 9,T bd -d,T bc r,T ar o,T b2 k,T a8 d,T 9m m,T 9k l,T 9a n,T 8s h,T 8u a,T 92 b,T 91 b,T 99 b,T 9h d,T aa i,T ac 5,T 7i -b,T 91 -b,T 96 -4,T 9h 1,T 6m -8,T 50 -3,T 7g -4,T 63 -1,T 6s 3,T 6k 5,T 9g s,T c1 p,T ci p,T b4 1g,T 85 -3,T 8r -8,T 9r 0,T b6 f,T av i,T b6 k,T b4 j,T ap k,T 9v n,T ad o,T a9 n,T 8f s,T 8g u,T 8v u,T 7h h,T 8k h,T 7c 7,T 92 -3,T 50 -h,T 65 -d,T 65 4,T 7n l,T 8s f,T 8j 9,T 8k h,T 6t l,T 56 s,T 4g 16,T 5s 1c,T 55 18,T 4r 17,T 4r 12,T 4v 12,T 4b 14,T 40 16,T 43 12,T 3s 15,T 3u 11,T 3g r,T 5t 17,T 2t l,T 28 u,T 2t u,T 3m r,T 4k n,T 59 11,T 3h 14,T 2v 15,T 2v 19,T 45 13,T 3h 13,T 22 13,T h 14,T 1t 16,T 21 v,T 24 11,T 3q v,T 3v v,T 23 18,T 24 18,T 34 1i,T 13 14,T 1k s,T 1q n,T 1q n,T 7 i,T 7 l,T 5 k,T 6d g,T 5s k,T 3l n,T 2v q,T 44 v,T 3r k,T 3o l,T 3j v,T 32 8,T 26 l,T 1v g,T 1f u,T n 8,T p 8,T r a,T 16 i,T 16 i,T 15 i,T 13 i,T 23 1,T f l,T 28 p,T 4h 11,T 71 14,T 8g k,T 7d 5,T 3o -d,T 4a -8,T 8o g,T 94 p,T 5c a,T 5k 0,T 60 6,T 2n 5,T 4j 1,T 3o 1,T 1g -1,T 2e -4,T 3b -b,T 36 -b,T 34 -b,T 2g -b,T 2d -b,T 1p -b,T 1l -b,T 1l -b,T 11 -b,T 11 -b,T 18 -b,T 18 -b,T d -d,T h -d,T 18 -d,T i -d,T d -d,T -6 -d


-18 1i 18 1i 2j 1i 3m 1n 4c 23 57 2l 63 3h 6l 4o 7e 5p a5 82 cb 97,ca 98 fq 9q k0 9q,ju 9p m7 9m oi 9d qh 8u,qh 90 s8 7v,s8 80 ti 6l uo 50 vg 2q,ve 2q vm i vc -1s ui -3d,rm -74 pg -7f nk -7e mh -6r,mi -6r lt -5v lm -54 lo -4d m3 -3i n0 -2r o6 -2j pc -2h,pc -2j qh -2o s0 -3a,-15 1h -7p 1h -96 1j,-7p 1h -7p -29 -6k -29 -6f 1f,-1c 1f -1f -2o -2i -2p -2i 1c,-1j -2o -2m -2r,-3d -2m -2h -2t,-2i -2r -3d -2k,-6m -2a -7k -2f,-7r -2a -86 -2e,-7r -2a -5c -5b,-5e -5b -8a -2j,-8b -2j -7r -2f,-2k -2r -2m -2u,-5g -58 -1f -2p -7p -2e,-9v 17 -80 14,-67 q -2n q,-aq b -81 9,-65 2 -2s 1,-15 -4 -j -1,-15 l -m j,-ab -q -8q -o,-65 -n -3v -q,-14 -16 -o -14,-9d -1l -8k -1l,-6a -1r -41 -1o,-19 -1o -q -1m,-ah -8 -85 -8,-9t -1e -8g -1b,-a6 m -88 m,-62 12 -38 17,-5o 6 -36 7,-5r -e -41 -e,-5t -1h -41 -1h,-15 -1h -r -1h,-15 -l -m -l,-12 6 -t 7,-5t -45 -5v -35,-5t -41 -5j -40,-5v -3k -5g -3k,-57 -3u -59 -35 -4s -33 -4q -3p,-49 -3r -4b -2t,-49 -3m -41 -32 -3p -3r,10n -3c 1cr 4g,mb 74 mb 71,1cs 4g 1f7 5q 1it 75 1ml 8a 1qj 8m 1v6 8h 23d 7q,23f 7q 282 61,2j3 ba 2sp ir,2j3 bd 2hs e7 2sn iq,2sm ip 2rq l9,2rr l6 336 nj,336 nm 32l qi 3a8 sm 39r vq 32j qi 2rr l6 2hq e7,39r vq 3h2 11k 3gi 152 3mc 15h 3md 17u 3po 17v,3ma 17r 3gg 154,3gg 154 39r vq,2hn e5 2gi hj 2rp l6,2rp l3 2r0 p8 32m qh 329 uu 39p vp 39g 14q 3gh 153 3g6 17n 3mc 17u,3g9 17n 39h 14r 32b uv,329 uv 2qs p5 2gf hl,2sk iq 3pm 17s#-2k -h -3e -h -3e -2n,-7p -g -86 -h -86 -2d,-88 -2d -7k -2d#T 38r qs,T 38t qs,T 38u qv,T 39c r6,T 3af s2,T 3au s7,T 3bs sv,T 3da tu,T 3e5 ui,T 3e7 um,T 3ku 13n,T 3ia 120,T 3k6 130,T 3np 15n,T 3p5 16g,T 3mb 14u,T 3ja 12m,T 3hb 111,T 3gg 109,T 3fn vp,T 3ec ud,T 3c2 t0,T 39s ri,T 37q q6,T 11c -3d,T ra -6n,T 1h 0,T 1m o


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