How to become a Secret Agent:

1. Your penguin must be 30 or more days old.

2. Click on the M on the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on the “Become a Secret Agent” button.

Secret Agent Answers ( In order):

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude
3. Report them
4. Saying their address
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
6. I want to help other penguins

How to become a Tour Guide:

1.Your penguin must be 45 or more days old.

2. Go to the Tour Guide Booth located in the Ski Village ( it used to be in the Plaza).

3. Click on it and the quiz will start!

Tour Guide Answers (in order)

1. Q: What color puffle can catch on fire?

A: Black

2. Q: In what room can you find a copy of the Penguin Times?

A: Boiler Room

3. Q: Which of these rooms don’t have music in the background?

A: Pet Shop

4. Q: How does the pink puffle play?

A: Skip with a skipping rope

5. Q: What item is always hidden in a different place in the clothing catalog every month?

A: Viking Helmet

6. Q: How many Sled Racing tracks are there?

A: 4

7. Q: Which room has a cuckoo clock?

A: Ski Lodge

8. Q: How do you get a pin?

A: Walk on top of it

9. Q: Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?

A: Beach

10. Q: What is the name of Captain Rochopper’s ship?

A: The Migrator

11. Q: Which of these items is thrown on level 4 of Bean Counters?

A: A Flower Pot

12. Q: What day does the newspaper come out?

A: Thursday

13. Q: What is the name of the big fish in Ice fishing?

A: Mullet

14. Q: Which of these games has a shark in it?

A: Jet Pack Adventure

15. Q: How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

A: 60 coins.

Flashing Words:

1. Say ” I SAW A MONSTER EAT… then say anything after that. It sometimes doesn’t work though.. MAKE SURE IT’S IN ALL CAPS WHEN YOU SAY IT!

Editing Other People’s Igloos:

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Click on your door then IMMEDIATELY click on your edit igloo icon ( the measuring tape on the bottom right-hand corner).

3. When the map comes up, go to a member’s igloo.

You should be able to move their furniture! ( Only you can see this though).

Nubbing ( I know, it is a weird name huh? ) )

1. Go to play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf.

2. Press F11.

3. The chatbar should have a white area underneath it.

4. Click on the white area.

You should be walking below the chatbar!

NOTE: When you press F11 it sometimes won’t make it full screen so you probably won’t be able to Nub.

Cart Surfer getting 500+ coins.

1.Turn your penguin lime-green ( this is optional, it’ll just be easier to do tricks if your penguin is lime-green).

2.Play Cart Surfer

3. Do this pattern: backflip ( down arrow key then space bar), 360 spin ( space bar then left or right arrow key).

4. Mess up on the fourth turn on purpose.

5. After you die, keep doing the pattern.

6. Keep wasting your lives on the fourth turn until you are down to your last life.

7. Then complete Cart Surfer!

Catch Mullet ( the big fish) in Ice Fishing:

1. Play Ice Fishing.

2. When you see the big fish on the screen, get ready.

3. When the big fish is about to swim past you, grab one normal fish but DON’T PUT HIM IN THE BUCKET!!

4. Use him as bait to catch the big fish and get an extra 50 coins!!

How to sit Forward:

1. Click on your player card.

2. X out of it.

3. Make your penguin stand forward.

4. Press S on your keyboard


Astro Barrier Level Skip:

1. Play Astro Barrier

2. When you’re on the menu screen, press 1 if you wanna go to level 10, 2 to go to level 20, or 3 to go to level 30.

Secret Places:

Dojo: In the upper mountains, move your cursor until it turns into a hand then click.

Iceberg: That big chunk of ice in the right-hand cornerif the map

Mine Shack: That snow drift by the mountains and to the left of the Iceberg.

Mines: Go through that entrance in the Mine Shack,

Cave: Go to the Plaza or the Mines. In the Plaza, go under that manhole. In the Mines, go to the exit on the left.

Boiler Room: Go to the Night Club. Click on the speaker on the LEFT of the Dj’s table.

How to get 1,000 coins in Jet Pack Adventure:

1. Play Jet Pack Adventure

2. Don’t get a single coin.

3. When you see the landing pad, waste all your fuel by hovering above the pad.

4. When you’re out of fuel, you’ll fall and land on the pad.

5. Keep doing this for every level and when you complete Jet Pack Adventure, you should get 1,000 coins!

Perfect Puffle:

1. Pull up your puffle player card.

2. Give him/her a bath.

3. Next feed him/her.

4. All of your puffle’s stats should be on full!

Secret Dances:

Wear the coffee apron and dance to pour coffee
-Wear the chef’s hat to make pizza
-Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim
-Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula
-Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer

How to stand by the sign located by the Coffee Shop:

1. Go to the Night Club

2. When you enter, go out the door.

3. When the screen is loading, click on the spot where the sign is.

4. You should appear by the sign.

How to stand on the tree at the Dock:

1. Go to the Mountain.

2. Click on the Bunny hill slope.

3. When you’re walking towards the slope, pull up the map.

4. When the game starts, go to the Dock

5. Press the Tab button on your keyboard.

6. Click on the tree.

How to win everytime on Bunny Hill:

1. Start a game of Sled Racing on Bunny Hill.

2. When you start, if you are on the left, press the right arrow key once.

3. If you are on the right when you begin, press the LEFT arrow key once.

4. You won’t get hurt or fall and you’ll get the speed boost from the ice.

Read the Newspaper while Sled Racing:

1. Go to the Mountain.

2. While clicking on a track, pull up the Newspaper.

3. Your game will start and you should be reading Newspaper.

How to walk on the walls at the Pizza Parlor:

1. Go to the Pizza Parlor.

2. Stand on the place above the Piano.

3. Click on the Kitchen where you play Pizzatron 3,000

how to talk on club penguin in a safe-chat area

follow from watex’s site www.watex.wordpress.com these easy steps

1. log into safe-chat server


2. Click on the ? sign in your toolbar.


3. Uncheck the Ultimate Safe Mode Sign.


 Now go to a different spot on the map, and you can now chat!

pizzatron 3000 cheat

flick the lever to go to sweet pizzas

how to catch the mullet in ice fishing

catch a fish and use it as bait

astro barrier cheats

1. at beginning of game click 1(to go to level 10) 2 (to go to level 20) or 3 (to get to level 30)

2. after you beat level 10 wait and a blue ship will appear shoot it to go to secret levels

3. at the end of level 30 wait and don’t shoot anything and a blue ship will appear hit it with the turret to go to expert levels

4. when there is a fake level that shows you what to do you can shoot the things to get extra points 

surf with red puffle in catching waves

walk your red puffle and play (only works with red)

 if you do a flip it will also flip


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